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E-mail: giovanni.morlino(AT)


Gran Sasso Science Institute
Viale F. Crispi, 7 - 67100 L'Aquila - ITALY
Phone: +39 0862 4280 444

At Arcetri

Oss. Astrofisico di Arcetri
Largo E. Fermi, 5 - 50125 Firenze - ITALY
Phone: +39 055 2752 255

Info for visitors

If you are visiting me at the GSSI in L'Aquila, here you can find few information on how to reach the GSSI and how to enjoy your stay.

How to get to GSSI

By plane. If you fly to Roma (either Roma Fiumicino-FCO or Roma Ciampino-CIA) you can take a direct bus from the airport to L'Aquila. You will be dropped in front of Hotel Amiternum which is about 2 km far away from the GSSI (see the map below), so you can either take a taxi to the GSSI or call me for a ride. You can look at the bus schedule and book the tiket here.

By train. The best way it to arrive in L'Aquila is by bus from the train station Roma Tiburtina. The bus station is just ~100 meters from the train station. From there you can take the bus that usually leaves from platform n.1. The bus schedule can be viewed at the Arpa website. The tiket can be buyed in the bus station or directly on the bus if you have the exact amount of money (11,50 ). You have to drop off in Collemaggio bus station. From there the GSSI is only 5-10 min walking. See the map below.

Hotels and Restaurants in L'Aquila

The closest hotels to the GSSI are

L'Aquila was used to be a very active city, thanks primarily to the presence of a big University. The old city center, full of restaurants and pubs, was the beating heart of the town. The earthquake of April 2009 affected the whole town, destroying the beautiful city center which today is still under reconstruction. In spite of this, during the last year many restaurant reopened and the town is slowly coming back to the normality. Here there is a list of restaurants which I suggest.

  • Restaurant "Lincosta"
  • Restaurant "Antiche mura"
  • Restaurant "Percorsi di gusto"
  • Restaurant "Ju Boss". It is not a restaurant in the classical sence but more a wine shop where you can drink eating typical street food. It is one of the most simbolic place in L'Aquila, being founded in 19??. Noticeably it was the first place to reopen in the city center after the April 2009 earthquake.

One of the main culinary deligths in Abruzzo are the so colled "arrosticini", namely small skewers of mutton. For people loving meat this is really something to try, but be aware: the sheep is vindictive and usually survive in your stomac for many days... The best places where you can try them are "L'unico Posto" and "La Pecora Nera".

Interesting places to visit around L'Aquila

The city of L'Aquila is located in the heart of the Appennini, hence if you like the mountain landscapes this is a place worth to visit. Among several places you can visit, here there are few personal suggestions: