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Economic crisis and the monetary system

Starting from the beginning of the Big Crisis in the 2007, I have been interested in understanding the reasons behind the economic crisis. After some efforts I realized the fundamental role that the monetary system has in the origin and development of economic crisis. Nowadays I give public lectures on this topic, with special care to young generations, which will have the duty to change such system if they want to avoid future crisis like the one we are facing now. In collaboration with the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea di Palazzo Strozzi, I participated to a special program for high schools, sponsored by the Regione Toscana, where the impact of the Monetary System on our society is teached from an historical, social and artistic point of view.

Here you can access a short presentation on the history of the monetary system and the money creation in the modern economic system. If you want more information, please contact me.

A short bibliography

One of the main obstacle which prevent people to reach a good understanding on the functioning of the economic and the monetary systems in the contemporary society is the difficult to find comprehensive information. The problem is partially due to the extreme specialization of human knowledge, which sometime prevent us to have a more global point of view on this topic. The comprehension of the actual economic crisis requires some knowledge in different fields, some of them are considered more scientific (macro economy, financial economy, money mechanics, etc.) while others are more humanistic (psychology, sociology, anthropology). In my opinion all of them are equally important. In the following I provide a personal list of books and articles where I found several pieces of information useful to reach a deeper knowledge of the reasons behind the economic crisis:

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